Creepy at Cornell

This building has intrigued me since the first time we drove through campus. Its appearance is ominous and sinister. I like to imagine all sorts of creepy things happening there but alas it is but a mere observatory. Boourns. In my mind there are secret society meetings there like the Simpson's Stonecutters episode. Cloaks are worn, goblets are full, and somewhere inside Homer is naked and chained to a rock. I am guilty of having an overactive imagination, quoting the Simpsons too often, and writing stories in my head that never leave BUT look for yourself.

How creepy is this building?


Alright, maybe it is only creepy to me because I am an idiot and hadn't noticed that it is quite obviously an observatory and not a meeting place for a secret society.

In my defense it is in an often secluded wooden area where I sometimes walk alone with the kids so maybe that is why it creeps me out.

Whatever. Don't laugh at me.

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