Singing Dog Vanilla. Like a baker's dream come true.

I use vanilla bean paste almost daily. It tastes great and can be used as a vanilla extract substitute. We use it in oatmeal, milk, and cupcakes. You name it and I will find a way to add some pretty vanilla flecks to it.

Have you ever heard of Singing Dog Vanilla? I hadn't either until recently. The reason why you and I hadn't heard of it before is because this vanilla is usually reserved for high-end and gourmet markets. Many restaurants use it because of the excellent quality and variety in quantities sold.

SDV contacted me after stumbling upon my vanilla bean oatmeal recipe and invited me to try some of their extract and paste. Vanilla bean paste is a fairly significant part of my daily routine. I run out often and it isn't always easy to find. Singing Dog is available online at a really great price. I was already pretty happy with their products before they even arrived.

Once I received the extract and paste I looked for the perfect recipes to test them with. I made a few batches of Smitten Kitchen's Vanilla Bean Pudding. Both the extract and paste taste great, the ingredients are of the highest quality, and are delightfully fragrant. One of the things that really makes Singing Dog my new brand is the variety of sizes they offer. If you're like me and do a lot of baking then you know how much of a time and money saver this is. You can buy extract buy the quart. How wonderful is that?

Singing Dog Vanilla is not a one trick pony (best expression ever) they also carry vanilla coffee, tea, lip balm and gift sets. Definitely check them out. I get asked a lot about where I buy my vanilla paste and now you know. Singing Dog is my new brand. OH! and check out their prices on vanilla beans. Very affordable for those of you that need the whole pod or like making extracts and syrups at home. singing-dog-vanilla singing-dog-vanilla singing-dog-vanilla singing-dog-vanilla

***I was provided with vanilla extract & vanilla bean paste for this review. The opinions expressed above are honest and have not been influenced by anything or anyone (except maybe for the delicious vanilla bean pudding).***