Don't call it a comeback. My return from blogging hiatus.

LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out I have returned from an unplanned, month long blogging hiatus. There are several reasons why I have not blogged. My transition from working outside the home to staying home with the kids has been smooth however I am ALWAYS busy. It is incredible! I get ZERO bon-bon time. I was told that once I became a stay at home mom there would be bon-bon time! LIES!

I am currently taking some online classes that I need to finally wrap up my degree and my husband is currently awaiting admission decisions from several wonderful business schools (stress). In addition to that I have been attempting to start a small business and working on several related small projects. So like every one else in the world except for maybe stoner teenagers I have been super busy.

As you may have noticed my blog was down for awhile and now has a completely different look. The problems began when I made the (stupid?) decision to take a class to learn how to transfer my Blogger blog to Wordpress. I was attempting to be self-sufficient. Extremely long story short, after dealing with an unprofessional web host, a domain in limbo, a useless class, wasted money, hours of frustration, the purchase of new hosting and a new domain, and the eventual return of my original domain, I am back. My thanks go to many of my bloggy friends that answered a million questions. And a special thanks to Sarah of for the new design. I am loving it!

I am happy to be back. I missed you guys a lot! Please tell me what you think about the new design. Tell me I made the right decision switching over to Wordpress : )