Flab to Fab: Week One

My wonderful friend Christa is hosting Flab to Fab Fridays over at her blog Little BGCG and I am participating. I have been fortunate enough to never have a serious issue with my weight. With the exception of the last two years I have been fairly consistent with my exercise routines and eating habits. Things change a lot once you have kids.

I am now approximately twenty pounds away from my goal weight and I am working as hard as I possibly can to get back where I once was. No one is going to tell me that it is impossible for me to get back to my 18% body fat weight. I am going to do it. Period.

I am currently nursing so my body fat goal has to wait until I am done since I have to eat a certain amount of calories in order to be able to feed my daughter. That does not mean that I cannot lose twenty pounds. I can and I will. I am posting it so that if I do not you can all point and laugh at me : )
I look fine and feel pretty good but there is a lot of room for improvement. If you follow me on Twitter then you already know that I have given up the cherry Kool-Aid (YAY!), stopped hiding in the kitchen closet to schnarf down Cherry Craisins (YAY!), AND it has been an entire week since I have touched a Twix (apocalypse?).

For the month of January I am slowly acclimating myself to my new/old pre child eating and exercise plans. I allow myself 1700 calories a day, I do not drink alcohol, I do not eat candy, I quit my Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts habits cold turkey, and I have been riding my tri bike on a trainer and doing pilates while the kids nap. Easy enough.

My goal is to lose four pounds this month. I will not weigh in every week because I am little and it takes me longer to lose weight. It would be discouraging to step on a scale once a week and see barely a pound lost. I am hopeful that if I weigh in monthly I will be happier with the results and feel more motivated to continue.

If you would like to join us head on over to Christa's blog and link up. I hope you guys stick around and watch me transform myself from Flab to Fab. Send me any tips you have. They are always appreciated.