Stream of Consciousness Sunday: I'm Tired. What's New?

It's Sunday again which means Fadra is hosting Stream of Consciousness. Obviously I am participating again but I'm blogging from the car this time. So this might get messy. 
Here is my five minute brain dump: 
I'm tired. Whata new. I cannot complain. C sleeps approximately 8-9 hours straight every Night. I know. You hate me. P is doing pretty well at sleeping in his crib but I am StIlL tired!

I'm working out again which I hope helps a lot but I am not too worried about it. It's Sunday which means if I am lucky I'll be able to sneak in a nice nap. The house is clean, soon dinner will be in the oven, its snowing outside, I don't have to work tomorrow so there is no longer a rush to finish laundry and pack lunches, and there are some good games on too.

So thata the plan for today. Sit on my ass and do as little as possible. Sounds great.

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