For the love of...

Don't judge me, I'm part of another blog circle. Just one more. I promise. I couldn't help myself. Melissa of Throo the Lens Photography invited me to take part and I couldn't say no. Her work is lovely and I've been a fan for a hot minute. I absolutely adore meeting new photographers and clicking through blog circles so when I'm asked to take part I have a hard time saying no. This is it for me though. Last one.

Our blog circle's theme is: For the love of... its open to interpretation which is cool because on posting day it's a big surprise. I don't know how the other photographers will interpret the theme and am excited to find out.

This month I chose: For the love of London.

I mentioned yesterday that a piece of my heart will stay here. Here are a few reasons why.


Energy: London has a distinct feeling I can't quite articulate. I feel like I'm given a reason to smile by a stranger nearly each time I leave my house.


Playgrounds: her face says it all doesn't it? Green space in the middle of winter. Lovely. Spectacular. Makes the kids tremendously happy.


Food: British food doesn't have the best reputation but it's unwarranted. The food here is great if you know where to go. I adore British food.

Another perk? Diversity. You can try anything here and if you are willing to spend some cash you can have the best of any international cuisine you desire. If you're adventurous you can find a ton of multicultural spots on the cheap too.

Can't lose either way.



Coffee: it's everywhere. I made an adventure of it. I haven't yet grown tired of trying new coffee spots. London is a coffee lovers dream.


Holland Park: our neighborhood. Busy but not crowded. Full of families. Close enough to the center of London to enjoy it's most popular amenities but far enough away to maintain a sense of calm in a crazy busy city.

I love London.

Next up in the circle is Melissa. Grab a cup of coffee and get to know some amazing photographers.


*Note: If you're wondering what's going on with the Intro to iPhoneography series I had to temporarily pause the posts. A certain little girl doesn't sleep at night and I haven't been able to finish the last few. Everything should be back on track next week. Thanks for the all the love. I'm so happy you've enjoyed them.*