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Oh, hi there.

Oh, hi there.


Sup? You like that mom hair?

I vastly underrated the amount of energy the living abroad experience requires. If you follow me on Instagram (my happy place) then you may have noticed I often obscure my eyes with a coffee cup or camera in the rare selfies I post. It's bad. As if this face doesn't belong to me. Denial.

I'm tired. Join the club, right?

We visited Paris last week (or the week before?). It was a spectacular trip. Photos and story are forthcoming. Eventually. I swear.

I'm in the midst of a heartbreaking countdown. Six days left in London. While I'm excited to return to the United States, I do love this place. I'm ready to move on but I know I'm leaving a piece of my heart here too. It's been an incredible experience.

I'm behind everything. Every *single little thing* that isn't taking care of my family has fallen by the wayside. I'm (mostly) okay with it. I've accepted that it's a transitional period and do my best to embrace the unexpected.

I do miss you guys though. Your comments (here, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, via carrier pigeon) and well wishes are so appreciated.

Thank you.


I'll be back soon (tomorrow?).

For the love of...

For the love of...

Black and White Blog Circle: Holland Park Mews

Black and White Blog Circle: Holland Park Mews