Oh, hi there.


Sup? You like that mom hair?

I vastly underrated the amount of energy the living abroad experience requires. If you follow me on Instagram (my happy place) then you may have noticed I often obscure my eyes with a coffee cup or camera in the rare selfies I post. It's bad. As if this face doesn't belong to me. Denial.

I'm tired. Join the club, right?

We visited Paris last week (or the week before?). It was a spectacular trip. Photos and story are forthcoming. Eventually. I swear.

I'm in the midst of a heartbreaking countdown. Six days left in London. While I'm excited to return to the United States, I do love this place. I'm ready to move on but I know I'm leaving a piece of my heart here too. It's been an incredible experience.

I'm behind everything. Every *single little thing* that isn't taking care of my family has fallen by the wayside. I'm (mostly) okay with it. I've accepted that it's a transitional period and do my best to embrace the unexpected.

I do miss you guys though. Your comments (here, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, via carrier pigeon) and well wishes are so appreciated.

Thank you.


I'll be back soon (tomorrow?).