Going Home. Massachusetts Bound.

I have never been away from my husband for more than a handful of days and neither has P. C has never been away from either of us for more than a few hours. This weekend we are heading to Massachusetts for a ten day visit and I am so nervous. I am super excited to see my family but I hate throwing the kids' schedule off. They are so young and can't understand that their father will be back soon. Hopefully Skype, Tango,Gmail chat, and Facetime suffice or else it is going to be a long ten days. Our marriage anniversary is this Sunday. We will celebrate it next time we are together. Another thing I am crazy excited about is meeting Beth of Me as a Mommy. She is arriving in Manchester, NH any minute now. and Lyss of She's Mommafied is picking her up. Beth, her baby girl, me and my kids are all attending Lyss' daughter 1st birthday party this Sunday. If we are lucky and she is feeling up to it Joanna of Baby Gator's Den is going to join us.

So we have a super exciting fun filled week planned. I am excited to see my family and blog friends.

Have a great weekend.

toddler and dad