I was left behind but I got to hang with my blog friends.

Soooo I wasn't raptured. I apologize for calling you all orgy loving heathens. I didn't mean it. You know I love you guys :)

Seriously though it has been a crazy five days. I am staying at my mother's house in Massachusetts with the kids. Beth / Me as a Mommy was here from Friday to Monday. She is an absolute sweetheart and her baby girl is the absolute perfect baby. She even wears jeggings! I fell in love with her. We also spent some time with one of my favorite peopleĀ Joanna / Baby Gators Den. She brought her sweet son Jackson. P thinks he is the coolest dude ever and is still talking about him two days later. They go way back.

It was a wonderful weekend.


How hilarious are these pictures? The kids were so cute and had a blast as you can see. I cannot wait to see some of my favorite blog moms again in August at Blogher.


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