goodbye winter

Hopefully. Yesterday it was bone chillingly cold outside. I wanted to cry each time the wind whipped around me. It felt as if my frozen nose would crack right off my face and fall on the frigid ground. No, I'm not dramatic. It was *that* cold. There was a windchill of 17 degrees but I took the kids out for about an hour. Why? I have no idea.

I brought my camera and tried capturing some shots of snowflakes to take my mind off the cold while Preston walked as s l o w l y as possible. The weather was so strange. First it was sunny, then snowy, then sunny and rainy, then the sky turned black, then the sun came out again, and then everything turned white when a crazy snow squall moved it. It was bizarre. The flakes didn't last long and it was hard to capture them before they melted away.

The forecast for the upcoming week looks incredible. I should know better than to say this but I cannot imagine seeing more snow until next winter. The weather channel says it will reach 70 degrees on Thursday. I can't wait.


I found a snowflake!


Catching snowflakes on his tongue.

 Have a great Saturday!