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Happy Friday!

Here is some cool stuff I found while bopping around the internet this week.

This post was really helpful: Tips for Productively Working from Home


Nude Lips

I love nude lips and am on an endless quest for the perfect shade. The last shade I bought was from Bobbi Brown and looks anything but nude on me. More like a hot pink.

I think the Rachel Zoe 2012 look above is perfect. The post says it is a Maybelline Nude lipstick paired with a little foundation underneath. Can't beat that price. Cheap experiment and I am all over it.


How amazing does this look? An instant Instagram printer!

I cannot wait to buy Susannah Conway's book: This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart*.

My tips for dining out with kids.

Some really great advice for all kinds of writers.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I think we are lying low since my husband has a big test on Saturday.

See anything you loved on the internet this week?

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