Last year Pweezy was only three months old during Halloween and we did not dress him up. To be honest I did not have any intentions to dress him up this year either for several reasons. First reason was because we did not have any Halloween plans since my husband would be out of town that weekend and the second was because we would not be trick-or-treating.

There was no way in hell that I would willingly subject P to vast amounts of delicious candy at his disposal. You guys have heard me talk about my struggles with the white stuff. I snarff down anything and everything with even a hint of sugar in it and really do not need to begin the struggle with P at fifteen months of age. Seriously. Also I am calorie counting in order to quickly lose the baby weight and land the cover of US Weekly so eating the candy myself was not an option.

Unbeknownst to me there was a Halloween parade and celebration scheduled at P's daycare. I found out the day before. I had no costume available for P. I was pretty pissed off since I was sure my husband "forgot" to tell me. He has been handling the daycare pick-up/drop-off himself while I have been on maternity leave and lots of daycare related information has slipped through the cracks. I let him off the hook because he has a lot on his mind at the moment but to be honest I think he is just a freaking Scrooge that thwarts ALL my attempts at familial holiday shenanigans. Hmph.

I had to haul ass to IPARTY since it was the only local option. I was pretty disappointed because if I had been aware of the upcoming celebration I would have spent a ridiculous irresponsible amount of money on a costume for P and it would have been insane. I am THAT mother. Events like these are a huge reason why I had kids. I just don't want to grow up I suppose.

Anyway the pickings were slim and we went with a bat boy costume for Pweezy and a spider costume for Ms. Cmoney. The next day I arrived at P's daycare wearing my cat ears. My MIL was wearing mouse ears and carrying C wrapped up inside her coat. It was unexpectedly freezing and drizzling. The weather was not appropriate for a five week old to be parading around in a spider costume.

I came upon P sitting in the giant daycare stroller looking adorable as a little bat and he was not wearing the best part - the bat hat! I called IPARTY immediately to see if they had any more costumes available but sadly they did not. They offered me a discount but there was no way I was going to head back in that store pre-Halloween in order to save three dollars. I was SO disappointed that the costume was not complete. Lesson learned: check the damn bag before you leave the store.

Regardless of the minor setbacks we endured a good (freezing so freaking freezing) time was had by all. The kids were taken to several local businesses and given some lollipops and candy. I managed to steal all of Ps candy so that he wouldn't eat any with the exception of a crunch bar that he chewed through like a sewer rat on crack but I let that one slide.

Here are some pictures. P looked great as usual but next year will be different. Very different. I am going to spend so much on this kid's costume that my husband wlll surely never "forget" to inform me of a holiday celebration. That'll teach him a lesson :)