Unconventional Mommy Milestones

There are the typical mommy milestones: the first night one's child sleeps for more than 4 hours straight, baby's first word, the first day of school, etc..

And then there are my mommy milestones. I am sharing them with you for several reasons. The first reason is so that I am not laughing at myself alone and the second reason is so that you can share yours with me.

Hey if you are laughing at me I would like to return the favor :O)

The first time I fit into a pair of non-maternity jeans. It was glorious! There was twirling and dancing. I wore the pants three days straight. Never mind the fact that I cannot breathe and have completely inappropriate camel toe (I hate that expression so much but it is true) while wearing them.

The day I found the letter "X" in my bra. Yep. There it was. A large plastic member of the alphabet chilling in my bra. How long had it been there? How did it get there without me noticing? Will this be a regular occurrence? Who walks around ALL DAY with a giant letter in their bra?

The first time I had to nurse a child while sitting on the toilet. Not one of my proudest moments but what was I supposed to do! Let the baby starve or pee on the carpet? My options were extremely limited.

How about you? Share some of your unconventional mommy milestones with me. 

This post has been brought to you by the letter "X"