Help me avoid sausage butt.

I have an odd problem. I'm addicted to wearing underwear that doesn't fit and I do not know why. I've been confronted by my mother, sister, and husband over it. For two years pregnancy served as an adequate excuse. My mom had to buy me some fancy granny pantiesfor my grandmother's funeral last year. She didn't want me to embarrass the family by squeezing all my jelly into a thong that hasn't fit since The Neptunes (look em up youngins) were cool.

I have no idea why I refuse to buy new underwear. I've got the financial resources. I certainly have the time. Maybe I am in denial over the fact that I am no longer a size 2. Part of it is my discomfort as a teaching lesson strategy. If I force myself to wear tight and uncomfortable underwear maybe I won't be so quick to snarf down a Magnum bar when no one is looking?

Well the dream is over. For now. I am not a size two at the moment and it is time to go shopping. These things are cutting off my circulation.

Okay ladies where should I go shopping? Who sells nice underwear that won't make my butt look like a sausage through my clothing?

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