Skinny Cow Candy Review & Giveaway

It is no secret that while I am watching my weight I still enjoy candy tremendously.

I recently tried Skinny Cow Candy and I am in love.

skinny cow candyEveryone knows that Skinny Cow Ice Cream is delicious but have you tried the candy?

110-120 calories of outstandingly tasty candy that won't require post indulgence expandable waist pants.

I try to log everything I eat in an effort to monitor caloric intake. I love that I can "cheat" a little on my diet and remain within my allotted calories for the day. Being too restrictive in my diet has always been a recipe for disaster so I always allow myself a little treat here and there.

I adore ice cream but it isn't always the most practical "cheat" for me. I'm not stashing an ice cream sandwich in my purse on a hot day! Skinny Cow candies come in perfectly portioned sizes for smart snacking on the go. I love that I can walk down the candy aisle guilt free. No more trench coats and glasses with the funny nose attached.

These heavenly candies come in four flavors: Dreamy Cluster Milk Chocolate, Dreamy Cluster Dark Chocolate, Heavenly Crisp Milk Chocolate, and Heavenly Crisp Peanut Butter. Skinny Cow offers a candy for everyone and you have no excuse not to try it : ) Delectable, guilt free, and convenient. What more can you ask for from a candy?

Oh, and comment below for a chance to win a box of Dreamy Clusters Skinny Cow Candy. You are going to love it as much as you love Skinny Cow Ice Cream. I promise. Giveaway ends at 11:59 est August 10, 2011. Good luck!

*I was provided with a box of Skinny Cow Candies to review. This does not have any effect on the personal opinions expressed above. The candy is delicious.*