I'm emotional.

veronica-armstrong When people ask us how long we have left in student housing I give an exact answer. 17 days until we move out. I think people interpret my directness as eagerness to leave. It isn't. Living in student housing with two toddlers is challenging. No doubt.

But it's the only home they know.


This is where Cameron took her first steps and where Preston made his first best friend. The kids are familiar with Vermont as a place to visit friends and family but not as their home.


As uncomfortable as living in six hundred square feet is at times for my husband and I, it's the kids' favorite place. Their toys, cozy beds, and memories are here.

They love it here. Kids don't notice peeling pants or ants marching off with breakfast crumbs. They see past that to the loving home their parents created for them. I'm thankful for that.


I'm excited about the future but I'm emotional about leaving their past behind. I've documented most of our time in Ithaca with photos and my writing. The kids love looking at pictures and maybe someday they'll check out this blog. Presently my challenge as a mother is explaining to Preston why we're leaving and where we are going.

We'll finally settle down somewhere for a bit.


Good things are coming but is Preston anxious? Scared? Will he miss it here? We can't stay so there's probably no point in stressing out about it. I hope that the next few months are full of so much excitement that the kids don't have time to miss Cornell too much.

Eventually we'll have a home full of space for the kids to play. We'll establish new routines. Get to know a new place. Make more friends. It's time to move on but it's a little hard to say goodbye.

Sorry if I got this stuck in your head. Don't be mad. It's an awesome song.