thinkTank photo Urban Disguise® 50 V2.0 Camera Bag Review & Giveaway

I was introduced to the thinkTank line of camera bags this summer at Blographer. They looked well constructed and sturdy but I wondered whether it was too much bag for me. While I do shoot clients and travel often I mostly photograph my everyday life. The awesome people at thinkTank sent me an Urban Disguise® 50 V2.0 camera bag to test out. I've had it for a few months and bring it almost everywhere. Here's why.


I brought the Urban Disguise with my on the ClickinMoms ClickinWalk. It was a cold, rainy, and hilly walk. I wore my DSLR but carried three other lenses inside my bag as well as a bunch of other assorted gear including a Speedlite. The bag never felt heavy. The shoulder strap has a thick non slip shoulder strap that made wearing it for an extended period comfortable. The leather handles are also nice. I like how they can be clasped together.


The Urban Disguise took a serious beating. Although it was raining heavily during the photography walk my gear inside stayed dry. There is also a "seam-sealed" rain cover included with the bag. It protects your bag from the elements with a waterproof tape that is applied to the inside seams of the rain cover fabric. I love that attention to detail. Although I haven't used the rain cover on my bag (my stuff stayed dry without it during my last photography walk) there is a tether that keeps the cover secured to the bag so you don't have to worry about it flying off during some crazy weather.

Much to my dismay Cameron has used my camera bag as a stool several times. It held up well each time. She's no small kid. She weighs about 27 pounds. My gear stayed safe and snug while my daughter attempted to Godzilla stomp my beloveds. I don't recommend using it as a stool but if your child gets crazy with the bag rest assured that your gear is safe. I've also dropped the bag and knocked it over a few times. Nothing was out of place. Pretty awesome.


My husband shot this for me :)

Looks and Space

I like that it isn't a hot pink ruffley overly feminine camera bag. Personal preference. I have a beautiful handbag and don't need a cutesy but not so functional bag. I only shoot with prime lenses which means I carry a few with me at all times. Most camera bags don't have enough room for my DSLR, lenses, instant or film camera, flash, etc. I'm a bit of a photography pack rat and like to bring almost everything with me on a client shoot.

The Urban Disguise® 50 V2.0 camera bag holds: a standard 3 lens DSLR kit and up to a 15.4" laptop in a separate padded compartment. I don't always carry my laptop so I use that extra space for lens filters, instant film, and other accessories. This bag is coming with me to Europe. I'm using it as a carry on since it can safely hold my photography gear and laptop. I can't wait to try the zippered panel feature. It can be used to attach the camera bag safely to rolling luggage and free up my hands and arms for toddler wrangling. Awesome!


Although there is a ton of space in the bag once I got used to where I'd stashed everything access was easy. There are tons of velcro dividers included with the bag so you can customize your space. There's also an expansion zipper that in creases depth to fit a pro sized DSLR with a standard zoom lens attached. The possibilities are nearly endless. Not carrying a laptop but want to bring a notebook? Cool. Bringing two cameras on a shoot? Awesome. The front pocket has a retractable divider that fits two pro sized DSLR bodies.

This camera bag is fantastic. I didn't find any flaws with it. If you've ever heard of thinkTank then you know that they have some of the most impressive and loyal photographer customers around. Their bags are solid and their customer service is impeccable. If you don't have much gear or prefer a smaller bag then the Urban Disguise® 50 V2.0 camera bag might be too much bag for you but they have plenty of other options to consider.

Another thing about this bag that made my life easier was the ability to use it as storage space with full confidence. My gear was snug and secure when not in use. This was a huge benefit to me because I don't have a lot of space to store gear in our student apartment. My gear took over our dining room table at one point. Now I keep everything inside my camera bag until I need it.


iPhone 5 photo. Some of what's inside my camera bag.

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