I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so scared.

I hope you got the reference. Remember that Saved by the Bell episode? Jessie Spano goes nuts because she OD'd on caffeine pills?

Anybody? - http://j.mp/fRU4CI

Anyway Jessie states that there is never enough time and boy was she right. Like every single other person on the planet I've got too much to do and not enough time to do it in. So here I sit with my butt and boobs out pumping at work. What does my ass have to do with pumping you ask? I'll get to that.

We had a fabulous weekend. We crammed a whole lot of fun into three days. The problem is that as a very organized (psychotic?) person I have a hard time with unexpected changes to my schedule or routine. While I enjoyed breakfast with Santa, a leisurely lunch at a new restaurant, watching Iron Man II with my husband, and having friends over for dinner & playing Xbox Kinect I am now suffering the consequences.

I did not have my work clothes ready and am therefore wearing a pumping inappropriate outfit. A dress. So as I pump my butt is out and I'm cold. P's lunch had to be packed this morning. I attempted to prepare a bottle for C and make lunch for P at the same time Yada Yada I'm at work covered in peanut butter. It's snowing outside. I threw on moccasins. Yes the ones that my toe pops out of. I nearly fell on my ass at Ps daycare.

The Christmas tree did not get purchased, my deep fryer vlog/review post did not get drafted, and the gingerbread house remains unmade.

I've learned that when it comes to my weekends it's a tossup between taking care of business and having fun. Life is too short and all that jazz but now who the hell will send out the Christmas cards, put up the tree, do the laundry, prepare Ps lunches for the week, and so on and so on?

Any underutilized sister wives out there want to help me out? You don't have to hook up with my husband but you do have to pick up his socks : )

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