Our Week in iPhone Pictures

Not my house. Thankfully. 

There was an awful wind storm this week. I missed the entire thing which really bummed me out as I love a good storm. It raged on as I slaved away in my windowless cave otherwise known as a cubicle. The storm made me extremely thankful that I am not currently a homeowner.

Mommy & C

My baby girl is ten weeks old this week. She is getting so big. She currently weighs about fourteen pounds. C is the smiliest, happiest. and giggliest baby I have ever known. Okay I have not known many babies but it is very rare that C is unhappy. I love that about her.

Pweezy & Cmoney

They look thrilled don't they? We attended a Breakfast with Santa event that was hosted by a local church to raise proceeds for their charity. We had a lot of fun but for some reason when it came time to take pictures with Santa the kids pulled the too cool for school act. 

We tried out an amazing new restaurant in Burlington called Church & Main. Every single thing we ordered was delicious. Poutin w/ smoked bacon, macaroni & cheese with bacon & truffle oil, smoked Gouda & crab melt, and more. It was a perfect afternoon.

As you can see I do not have a ton of pictures for the week and that is because I spend a massive amount of time at work (we are not allowed to take pictures there. Top secret ya know) or doing things at home that would not photograph well (washing dishes exciting enough for ya?). 

This week might turn out to be a very exciting one so hopefully I will have more pictures to share next week. 

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