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 It's Thursday! You know what that means


People that clip their nails in public
This really happens and it is disgusting. It makes me want to vomit. I want to know what makes people think that this behavior is socially acceptable. I am not going to call out the offending individual but I will tell you this. If he ever does it again (and it is not my husband. I would never have married anyone that found such awful behavior acceptable) the payback will be awful. I am going to find a pedi-egg and then ask someone with gnarly and scaly feet (because you know I have princess feet) to use it. I will then take the funky foot shavings and sprinkle it atop the offending individual's head. Yes. I. Will. 
People: Stop being gross in public.


Not the copycat above. He is hilarious. Bloggy copycats. No topic is original. It has all been said before. My issue is with blogger's stealing ideas that do not belong to them and turning them into something lame. I do not consider this imitation to be flattery. We are nothing alike and she is successful in her own right perhaps she should find "inspiration" elsewhere?

Yogi Bear Movie

I am not a big fan of popular children's programming. I think children should watch The Simpsons and Seinfeld. Nothing more. Alright I am kidding. Sort of. My main beef is that kids' movies seem to consist of awful toilet humor type jokes that I do not find amusing at all. I also doubt that anyone missed Yogi and Boo-Boo. Watch the trailer. It looks so lame. In the preview I recently saw at the movie theater they show larvae flying out of Yogi's nose. Gross! I know I am an angry crazy old lady but is it too much to ask for Hollywood to come out with some original non gross ideas for children's movies? Please?

What Got Your Goat This Week?

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