I'm tired but it's gorgeous outside so who cares?!?

I'm tired. Newborn mom tired. Delirious tired. Old person at a rave tired. We are headed to Indiana in five days and I haven't begun packing. I am excited but a bit in denial. Packing is so tedious and to be honest I have like no clothes so if I pack everything now I will be living in my froggie bathrobe for five days. Sigh.

Well, it is finally spring here in Ithaca, NY and I couldn't be happier. The weather is perfect and the kids and I spent a ton of time outside this week.

We've got a jam-packed weekend including my husband's final presentation at school, my first photography session for adults, dinner at my husband's professor's house, packing, and I'm tired just thinking about it. I am looking forward to all of it.

When the weather is pretty there isn't much that can damper my mood. : ) Don't forget to link up at the Leap into Spring photo challenge. I love to see your work.

Happy Friday friends.

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Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge