Toddler Art. Fun with Oil Pastels.

I adore my kids but it's pretty obvious a huge part of my decision to become a mother was for the endless excuses to play all day. IT'S FOR THE KIDS! I swear. Remember cray-pas? Am I showing my age? I was never fond of art class on account of how much I sucked at all things artsy but on oil pastel day I was all about it.

I am between Babba boxes and had a Michael's coupon floating around my purse so I popped in for a few supplies. I picked up a pad of heavy-duty drawing paper and oil pastels. Of course I couldn't wait to crack that box open. It's been a long time but I haven't forgotten the smell or feel of oil pastels. Maybe I'm a weirdo but they're such a fun reminder of my childhood.

Since I lack the creativity gene I turned to this book for inspiration. The oil pastel still life drawing activity looked amazing but a little beyond the scope of a one and two-year old. I spread out the paper, scattered some pastels, and pulled out a few of the kids books for ideas. I decided to recreate the cover of Cameron's favorite book: Cookie Kisses. One dimensional and easy for the artistically challenged. Preston insisted upon drawing Hiro.

oil pastel picture

Look at that! I'm pretty proud of this.

oil pastel picture

Great buy one get one free deal on the Strathmore paper pads. I picked up some watercolor paper too. The pastels were about $7.50.

oil pastel picture

Cameron is crazy creative and left her pink mark everywhere : )

I think she had a better time than Preston did.

oil pastel picture

So many colors. These are going to last a long time.

oil pastel picture

Look at this! I've never EVER drawn anything so pretty before. *tear* I've come a long way.

oil pastel picture

So, ya, that was my attempt at drawing Hiro. Preston complained about the nose and seemed embarrassed for me. It is kind of a feeble attempt but I had fun trying : )

I'm glad I picked these up. They were cheap and held the kids' attention longer than crayons do. Why? Don't know. There is something magical about oil pastels I tells ya. Cameron can often be found drawing on her chalkboard, coloring books, the wall >;-|, the COUCH, and so on. Preston is more technologically inclined. I could sense his frustration at his inability to put his Hiro vision to paper.

My years long refusal to try anything artsy is not something I am passing on to Preston. I am going to keep encouraging him and offering opportunities for him to explore his creative side. It's a definite challenge for me since I am far from gifted in this area (see drawing of Hiro) but I'm not giving up and I won't let him either. I have another fun activity I think he might like better. Can't wait to share it with you guys.

What are your favorite toddler art supplies?


***NOT a sponsored post. Just sharing some of my recent crafty finds with you guys : ) ***