I've Been Tagged

My bloggy friend Chanel from Diaries of a Supermom Diva has tagged me. I am usually awful awful awful at responding to these but I have resolved to be a much better bloggy friend so here we go:

4 things in my handbag:
Um I never carry my handbag anymore but I found some interesting stuff in there.

  • A baby hat a sweet coworker knit for me
  • Smashbox lipgloss that makes my lips look like two big ass greezy caterpillars
  • Several Dunkin Donuts straws. They keep P busy. Sure he might poke an eye out but he will do so quietly : ) 
  • A driver's permit application...yeah

4 things in/on my desk:
This one is lame because I am a neat freak but I will tell you what is on there anyway.

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Monitor
  • Dunkin Donuts cup

How boring am I?

4 Favorite things in my bedroom:
Um. I'll keep it PG. Hey-o! As if my life is that exciting.
  • 40" TV. That's right we have a 40" TV in our bedroom. I think I mentioned before that my husband has an issue. Every black Friday he runs around like a maniac gobbling up TVs. Its pretty weird.
  • King sized bed. K is a big guy and sometimes both kids end up in our bed so this is more of a necessity than a luxury.
  • iPad
  • Positive Discipline: The Early Years. I cannot seem to get too far into this book on account of P ripping out pages each and every single time I attempt to sit down and read it. See why I need this book? : )

4 Things I have always wanted to do (but haven't tried yet): 

  • I really want to make tamales but have not had the time yet. Soon. Very soon.
  • I guess I have always wanted to try skiing. Not really. But I have thought about it.
  • I would like to hug a Koala bear. I am told that my face will be ripped off. I am willing to take that chance.
  • I want to see a moose. I live in Vermont and have not yet seen a moose! 
  • Sex in the champagne room. Oh wait it is supposed to only be four. *KIDDING*

4 Things I enjoy very much at the moment:

  • Eggnog lattes
  • Football season. Go Pats! Booooo all New York teams. 
  • Crockpot cooking weather 
  • My reduced girth.

4 Songs I cannot get out of my head: 

  • Gucci Time - Gucci Mane ft. Swizz Beats
  • No Hands - Wacka Flocka, Wale, & Roscoe Dash
  • The Good Life - Chiddy Bang
  • War Pigs - Black Sabbath

4 Things you did not know about me: 

  • I am terrified of worms. Terrified. 
  • I watch Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory once a month. I love Gene Wilder.
  • I am a giant nerd and Elizabeth I aficionado and have her motto tattooed on my forearm. Semper Eadem.
  • I am a huge fan of Alice in Chains and will never ever get tired of "No Excuses". RIP Layne Staley.

Now it is my turn to tag four bloggers: