Things That Got My Goat This Week - Link Up!

Mr. Eggnog Latte Inventor
I knew the holiday season was upon me when I walked into Starbucks and saw the magical sign. Eggnog lattes are back! I freaking love these. I would never have thought to use eggnog as a creamer with my coffee. BUT now I can't stop. I've been making pot after pot of coffee and of course I have been adding eggnog to each cup. This is going to do horrible things to my ass. 
So listen up Mr. Eggnog Latte Inventor: F*** You!!! 
Okay I take it back. I love you but I hate you too. 
The Minnesota Vikings

This NFL team has more backstage drama than a beauty pageant. What is the real reason for letting Randy Moss go? I need to know! There are so many conflicting stories. Why can't you guys just give it to us straight. 
Brett Favre and his texty penis are still hanging around so what did Moss do that warranted being waived like two seconds post acquisition. I need the juicy details because clearly my life is just that boring. 
Tide Green Shirt Commercial
The post wouldn't be complete without me complaining about a commercial. 
So here it is: 

First of all NO ONE should be wearing that ugly ass shirt. NO ONE. EVER. It is the ugliest shirt I have ever seen. Why does the mother lie to her child? How would SHE like it if her daughter stole her clothes, stained them with suspect sausage juice, and then crammed them back into the laundry basket? 
Shame on you mom. Shame on you for buying, wearing, staining, and lying about that hideous awful shirt. 

What Got Your Goat This Week?

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