Killing me with cuteness

The kids were blowing bubbles yesterday. I took some snapshots to share with the grandparents on Facebook and a few for an upcoming tutorial. Then it happened. THIS! Not staged and definitely not perfect photographically speaking BUT look! I finally caught them on camera.

killing me with cuteness



Cameron and Preston are fourteen months apart and are close. Super close. Each morning before my eyes are fully open Preston is by my side of the bed looking for "his baby". Sometimes I catch him watching her sleep and talking to himself "Ah, look at the tiny little baby. So tiny. She's cute." He adores her and the feeling is mutual. Cameron is most happy when holding her big brother's hand, dancing in circles around him, or showering him with kisses.

It's pretty great most of the time. Ipad fights happen and they can get hideously ugly but who can blame them. Ipads are awesome and I wish I sometimes had the opportunity to use ours but I digress.

I am fortunate, blessed, and love spending my days with these two cherubs.


killing me with cuteness