Your Man Is Getting an MBA. Now what?

{or your woman, friend, wife, etc.} I get a fair amount of traffic from 'MBA wife and MBA life' Google searches. There isn't much content on the Internet for those seeking insider information about experiencing business school life as a significant other. I've started a series for my fellow MBA wives, spouses, moms, girlfriends, and anyone else who is curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a top business school.

There are many misconceptions about B-school life. Most people think getting an MBA is like attending any other graduate program and that is not the case for students at the most competitive schools. Before my husband attended Cornell University's Johnson School of Business he was enrolled in several graduate level business courses at the University of Vermont while we both worked full-time. UVM's program is fantastic and that experience had it's unique challenges it was vastly different from full time MBA life at a top 20 Ivy League institution.

I was fully unprepared for the changes in my life and rigor of the program my husband was enrolled in. We met at an event for prospective MBAs and I had also attended a Cornell prospective event so one would think I knew what awaited me. I didn't and the learning curve was steep. It's been a year and I am sharing what I have learned in an effort to help someone, anyone! who needs a few words of wisdom from someone who has been there.


Stay tuned for the first post: Admit Weekend.