Maternity Leave Update

All good things must come to an end. I will be returning to work soon. Next week is my last week home alone with Cmoney. Originally I had intended to remain home until early 2011 but I changed my mind. I have decided to return and then take time off around the holidays. There are a few drivers behind my decision but the most significant one is my desire to avoid delaying what is currently the inevitable.

My new role as a working mother of two will require significant adjustment and the sooner I jump into the waters the faster I will learn how to swim. In addition, due to the fact that it is holiday season my mother and mother-in-law are able to take turns staying at my home to watch C until she is ready for daycare. I decided to take advantage of their gracious offers of assistance. I feel extremely fortunate in that sense.

I do not feel rushed to return or any sort of outside pressure which is a good thing. I am comfortable with my choice. However I know that I have nothing positive awaiting me at work. I do miss a few people that I work with but I do not miss the person that I become when I am at the office. I turn into a professional ball buster to put it kindly. It is the nature of my workplace. There is absolutely no way to maintain any sense of sanity and serenity when one is in a corporate pressure cooker 9+ hours a day. I am not complaining. I have accepted this fact.

If what I am saying makes no sense at all let me describe it this way: if the corporation that currently employs me was a living and breathing entity it would bend over and take a crap on me. Repeatedly.

Sounds gross right? Mmmmhmmm well that is EXACTLY what it is like.

(Insert cartoon picture of office building pooping on me).

I hope this helps.

It sucks to have to write in what is essentially code but at this point it is necessary that I tread carefully. I wish I could say more regarding the work situation but I am not ready to be Dooce. Yet. And believe me this is WAY juicier than Dooce. Stay tuned.

I'd like to thank Cmoney for a wonderful time.