Things That Got My Goat This Week

By now you know the drill.

Here are the things that Got My Goat this week

Charlie Sheen

What the bleep is up with this piece of garbage? I feel as if this man has been polluting the earth with his misogynistic and vile ways throughout my entire lifetime. I am sick of him. Why does he get a free pass to threaten and beat women, abuse drugs, and shout racist obscenities in public?

Where is the backlash? This man should not be making millions of dollars per episode for his equally vile and misogynistic television series. I freaking hate this guy. Imagine a woman behaving in this manner. Do you think a woman would get away with this behavior?

Screw you Charlie Sheen. Go. Away.

Get some help (because honestly the poor man must have some addiction issues) but in the meantime GO AWAY.

Maury Show Green Room Sexy Decoys

You guys know me pretty well so you should know by now that I LOVE The Maury Povich Show. My favorite thing about it is the sense of moral superiority that washes over me each time some chick does not know who the father of her child is.

Hmph I know who the father of my kids is. I have proof. I caught P with a mouth full of recently discarded Popeye's french fries and biscuits that he had rummaged out of the garbage. There is no Popeye's in Vermont. My husband brought Popeye's takeout home all the way from Albany, New York.

Ya. P is his son.

Ok I have been known to eat things out of the garbage after regretting my decision to discard but not twenty-four hours later!

Anyway I like Maury. What gets my goat is the sexy decoys they "employ". You know the chicks that hang out in the green room in order to trap the dumb ass guys there to take a lie detector test.

How do these hos get hired? What do they get paid to makeout with and show their boobs to random idiots on national television?

Fast forward to 6:05. This "sexy decoy" gets paid to look at a random penis. Ewww. 

Why the euphemism? Last time I checked this was the work of a ho not a "sexy decoy". I am not hating though because the chicks' faces are blurred out so this might be a good anonymous way to make fast money on the side. No one would even know!

Get at me Maury. How do I apply? If my face is blurred its like it never happened!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Blogger Commercial

Have you seen this shit? Just watch it. Get back to me. I think this woman is dating the Burger King flute solo guy. I hate her now too.

What Got YOUR Goat This Week ?