Mommy Goes Back to Work

I am so tired that my eyes are burning. My day began at 5:15 am. Today I stepped in a bowl of ice cream remnants my husband left on the bedroom floor, ran 50 minutes behind my desired schedule, ripped my tights, pumped twice in a sketchy room, and realized I forgot ALL of my log in information for my laptop at work. Fabulous!

My day did not start off too well but I am okay with that. Some of my friends (you guys were probably among them) let me vent and whine a little. I have gotten it out of my system. I know that I have a lot of challenges ahead of me. I am not sure whether I will be traveling in the upcoming months as much as I did last year or whether my husband will either. Things may get extremely hectic but we have family helping us out for the next few months and I intend to take full advantage of their gracious offers of assistance.
The holidays are here and I intend to have fun with my family and not stress about work too much. I'll bust my ass to keep things in order in my house and take as much care of myself as I can. What more can I do? 
Oh and I am looking to hire a butler. I think that would help me out a lot around here. Send me your resume if you are interested. I pay in bacon and donut currency.