Sunday Summary

I love it when other bloggers do a weekly wrap-up type post with links to articles or blog posts that they enjoyed over the course of the week. So I have decided to become a biter and do the same : ) 

Amanda @ whodemis blogged about her son and his scary early talking. He freaked out a lady at the grocery store with his grown man speech. So cute.

Jill @ babyrabies wrote about the Erica Jong article that had everyone up in arms. She offered up a really unique perspective on the article. Jill says that "Not having to wipe shits the size of a grown man’s from my son’s ass after he has another poop incident in his Buzz Lightyear undies" would make her motherhood existence less prison-like. She is hilarious.

Jessica @ mommyhoodnextright wrote about the division of labor within a marriage and how it relates to parental relationships. Fabulous read.

Have a wonderful Sunday!