Momspotting Sponsor Spotlight: meSheeky

meSheeky is a very cool brand. They offer skirts that take your yoga and/or athletic wear from average to fabulous. You can wear them over your leggings, yoga pants, etc. at all times. Keep them on during your workout or throw on after your workout to add some color and style to your workout outfit. If you are like me and a ton of other moms then you live in your yoga pants. It gets dull and boring.

odette skirt mesheekyPut on a meSheeky skirt and it changes your look completely and adds new life to your mom uniform.

odette skirtmeSheeky was kind enough to send me an Odette Skirt to review. I LOVED the color. I actually have some workout clothes that match the skirt so I was super psyched to put together a new workout outfit. I wore my usual stretchy workout pants with the Odette skirt over them. The skirt was fitted but not too snug and did not inhibit movement while I power walked with the stroller. I didn't feel strange at all wearing a skirt over my workout pants because it looks like it belongs. The pieces work together because mcSheeky uses just enough spandex to make the skirts flexible like workout gear but not appear exclusive to gym attire.

The best part about meSheeky is that it covers your butt! If you hate the look of your butt in super tight workout clothes then you will love this skirt. I have no butt issues. Mine looks great. Sitting on it so much has really toned it up. I still liked the skirt because it added color and style to my drab workout/lounge around the house gear. I lounge in workout gear because wearing the clothes that I usually reserve for exercise counts as exercise. A little.

meSheeky offers a lof of other pieces including pants and tanks that you can use interchangeably with the skirts. Of course you could always use your own clothes as I did. The Odette skirt retails for $64 but you can win one of your very own as part of the giant Momspotting prize pack.

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Everyone that votes and follows both blogs receives a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Amazon. There will be two winners. Easy peesy. Make sure to check out Beth's meSheeky review too. There are cute babies involved.

*This is a review. meSheeky sent me an Odette skirt to review. The opinions expressed above are mine only and were not influenced in any way by meSheeky or anybody else except for maybe my husband because he told me once again that I look hot. He kicks ass. :O)*