We do not have a thing.

My husband and I were watching HGTV (we get nuts around here) House Hunters International like we do most evenings. There was some weird ass couple that kept Salsa dancing at each potential home in order to ensure that they would have enough space to practice their hobby. They were a little strange but they looked happy and seemed very passionate to share a "thing". I asked my husband whether we have a "thing" and he concluded that we do not. Hmph. We should have a thing. The TV weirdos have a thing. I want a thing...besides snarking on people that DO have a "thing".

Here are some ideas:

lord of the danceRiverdancing.

Clearly inspired by the Salsa dancing people on HGTV. I have always had a secret affinity for the Irish non arm moving dance moves exhibited by Michael Flatley. In my wilder days I would sometimes, upon request, drunkenly perform my best traditional step dancing moves. I had never trained professionally but I did pay very close attention to a Lord of the Dance infomercial type thing on TV once so I am pretty good.

My husband said no. This cannot be our "thing". He said that he is freaked out by their ability to dance without moving their arms and he wants no part of it. Denied. Back to the drawing board.


Matching clothes.

People (idiots mostly) have asked us before whether we are siblings. I guess we look alike even though he is bi-racial (black/white) and I am Latina/Asian. I'll take the compliment since he is hot but it is a creepy question. Dressing alike might up the creepy ante slightly BUT it will also ensure that we have a very memorable "thing".

Look at this sweet hibiscus ensemble! Perfect for evenings spent watching HGTV and mocking other couples.

He did not say a word. He gave me a dirty look. Denied again.

My husband rejected my fabulous ideas and I lack the creativity to think of more.




Do you and your significant other have a "thing"? Please tell me about it so that my husband and I may secretly mock it.

It is our new "thing".

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