Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Train Set That Will Be The End of Me

I haven't participated in Stream of Consciousness Sunday for a bit because as you know I have two children under the age of two. I find it impossible to get anything accomplished lately. BUT! I have decided to forgo some sleep in order to blog more. That might sound ridiculous to some but believe me I need an at home hobby. I need something to do that isn't entirely child related just for a few minutes a day before I go insane. My husband assures me that I am getting weird.


Here are the rules:

Write for 5 minutes only, do not edit, add the SOC button to your post, publish on your blog, link up at all.things.fadra, and visit your fellow SOC bloggers. That's it.

Here I go.


train set ikea lillabo

We visited Ikea on Friday. I am not the biggest Ikea fan because I find that I do not need 90% of the stuff they sell. A lot  of it is super cute but I just have no use for it. I now am the proud parent of a toddler which means that I can never have  enough ditractions I mean toys in my home. Ikea has the cutest kids section.

My husband had mentioned a few weeks ago that while he and P were shopping for a birthday gift for a friend's son P    fell in love with a train set. It cost a couple hundred dollars and my husband wasn't sure that P was yet ready for such an extravagent train set so he did not purchase it. Well the train set to your left was available at Ikea and I thought it was perfect for P. It was wooden and cute and cheap. It was a good starter train set. Perfect. I was so happy and excited to take it home and help P play with it.

Fast forward three days and I want to shoot myself. He keeps tking the tracks apart and then shouting at me to pt them back together. I have a nearless infinite source of patience when it comes to my kids (and ONLY my kids) but this train set THIS TRAIN SET RIGHT HERE <---- has done it. My patience is gone. The toy clearly states that it i intended for children ages three and up but honestly P is usualy pretty good about toys that are for older kids. NOT THIS TIME! there has been screaming and yelling and begging and whining - TRACKTRACKTRAAAAAACK. then stop taking the motherefing tracks off bro! AHHHHHHHHHHH!.

My husband showed him how the trains are magnetic and that magnets have a positive and negative side (yes we kow he is only 22 months old but like I said he does get it) and the issues with keeping the trains connected have decreased by about 80%. THAT is a good thing. But the tracks? THE FREAKING TRACKS will be the end of me. I finally hid them this morning. Too much screaming and whining and that is not how I want to start my day. it is not his fault but mine. The  package clearly states that the toy is intended for children ages hree and up and there is a freaking reason for it.

Ah. Thank for listening. i feel much better/ Have a great Sunday!

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