My crystal ball is now less foggy.

Last week my husband was gone for four days and nights on his school immersion trip I won't bore you with the details but it's mandatory and we missed him. Sounds like he learned a lot and had a good time. I had a great week with the kids. Nothing out of the ordinary. The usual smiles, snuggles, and fun toddler times. blowing bubbles

smiley toddlers

smiley toddlers

We were very much looking forward to the weekend because it is admitted student season. Destination Johnson is super hectic but very fun. I volunteered at my husband's school Friday morning while my mother's helper kindly babysat. It was great meeting prospective students and their spouses. Saturday night there was a big party for the business school and admitted students. My husband was the DJ so I was super excited to go. I had a fantastic time, drank a few beers without whining that I needed to go home, and met some great new people who hopefully decide to become part of the Johnson School family.

The kids woke up while we were gone and gave my mother's helper/babysitter for the night a bit of a time. They were in good spirits but refused to sleep until we got home. We returned to two wild eyed babies who thankfully fell asleep in our arms fairly quickly. Sadly the kids and I (and apparently my mother's helper) all woke up with head colds the next morning. I feel pretty crappy and so do the kids. It really stinks and I hope my husband doesn't catch it because he only has three weeks of school left and lots to accomplish.

We received some great news which took my mind of my dripping nose. Our top choice location was approved by the company my husband is interning for this summer. We will be living in downtown Indianapolis in a three bedroom, three bathroom apartment in a high rise. I am so psyched. We've been in this itty, bitty apartment for a year and that sounds so spacious and luxurious to me. My poor husband will probably have to drag me out kicking and screaming on our last day. We are super excited for our upcoming road trip (23 days!) and adventures in a new city. It feels great to know *something* about our future. The uncertainty can be maddening at times. Now we just have to survive the rest of April and finals.

sunshine toddler

dandelion boy

How was your weekend?