It's spring! Time to get pretty.

Thanks to Walgreens for underwriting this post. I was paid as a member of the Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all mine.

I've been a beauty product junkie since I was a child. I remember carefully stalking the aisles of drugstores as a teenager with my best friend after field hockey practice. We were obsessed with the latest in skin care and beauty products. A simple trip to the store for some gum would always result in a bag or two full or random goodies like self tanner, lipstick, and foundation.

Not much has changed for me except now shopping for beauty essentials is less of a hobby and more of an absolute necessity. I don't always look like an ogre but once you reach a certain age (boohoo I've reached it) going out sans makeup is the female equivalent to participating in X games. Sure, you can do it (I believe in you!) but at what cost? Who will you run into! It's best not to risk it.

Once the warm weather season is in full swing our calendar fills up with fun outdoor activities. It gives me more excuses to shop for my favorite things. We have BBQs, birthday parties, family reunions, and the Indy 500 scheduled for the upcoming months. After spending the last seven months cooped up and hidden under yoga pants and North Face gear I am ready for summer dresses and cute sandals.

My spring beauty routine hasn't changed since my teenage years. I gradually start self tanning my legs (they are so incredibly pasty compared to my top half), incorporating a higher SPF into my morning skin care routine, and looking for lighter versions of my beauty staples so they don't melt in the heat. Lip gloss versus lip stick, tinted moisturizer versus foundation, etc.. I also start paying much closer attention to my hands and feet. If you saw what my feet look like right now you'd swear I was part goat. No lie. The spring event season is upon us and I'm getting into full gear to prettify myself.


What are your spring beauty rituals?