My toddler eats sand.

Well, my super late Easter post is a bit untraditional. We ate breakfast together, hung out at the park and then split up. My husband to school and the kids and I to the apartment. I cooked some Poblano Mac & Cheese and baked a Meyer Lemon Pound Cake and we attended a lovely dinner party with my husband's classmates. The kids had a good time but we couldn't stay long. 8:00 p.m. is a little late for them and they made it quite clear. It was a low key holiday spent with friends. We didn't make it to church (so tired), I didn't dress the kids up in fancy outfits, and no photos were staged. We took it easy since my husband was departing the next morning at 5 a.m. for a week long school trip leaving me alone (what's new?) with the kids.


I wanted to participate in this week's Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge so check this out:

toddler eats sand

I caught Preston eating handfuls of wet sand out of the leftover sandbox sand. It is so bizarre that he does this. "No, Mom I don't want any of your amazing vanilla bean rice pudding I would much rather eat this dirty, old, wet sand that some weird neighborhood cat you call Larry may or may not have peed in. Thanks though!". Whatever bro.

If you knew Preston you would be puzzled too. He hates getting dirty, rarely messes up his clothes, and is overall pretty particular about his appearance but for some reason old, dirty sand is irresistible to him. We all have our vices. Who am I to judge?

Obviously I wasn't happy about this snack and Preston felt badly. In exchange for my forgiveness he agreed to wear bunny ears and pose for a picture.

He's such a sweetie.

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge