My fool proof naptime secret

Two words: Charlie. Rose.

charlie rose

This man right here is a nap wizard and he doesn't even know it. I am serious. Pweezy is a great napper but some days he just won't nap on time. I don't know why. Maybe he is all hopped up on Craisins or something. I have a secret weapon. I turn on PBS and I wait. I wait for Charlie Rose's cool calming voice and then the magic happens.

He introduces his guests and P's eyes get heavy. I smile and enjoy the intelligent political banter I used to love before my mind became occupied with sippy cups and potty training. It is straight up sorcery I tell you.

P is asleep before Mark Halperin is done discussing Weiner's weiner. Freaking score.

If your child becomes interested in the guests of the day you shouldn't fret. Just hit up ye olde you tubes and look for a less exciting topic such as US and German relations. There you go. Boom. Sleeping baby.

You're welcome.

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