Oops I did it again.

Anyone remember this? Well I bought another camera. I couldn't help it. Beth / Me as a mommy brought her camera when she came to visit a few weeks ago and I fell in love. I had also been coveting Joanna / Baby Gator Den camera for a while. I often asked Joanna for camera advice prior to deciding to just go with the point and shoot. Joanna and Beth both had their cameras at my house on the same day and I marveled at how effortlessly the cameras could capture all our crazy kids bouncing on the couch.

No blur! I thought their cameras were awesome but I still wasn't sold. I had my new point and shoot and was fairly content. I am by no means a photographer not even a hobbyist but even I became aware of the camera's limitations in terms of shutter speeds quite quickly. Pweezy is fast like all toddlers and the number of blurred shots I was getting annoyed me.

Then I saw this. LOOK at the water droplets on M's sweet little head. LOOK! LOOK at the water exiting the hose. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed another camera. I packed up the kids and my mother and headed to a camera superstore in Massachusetts. I won't bore you with the details but we got super lost, the kids woke up, and my mom had to pee so I had about five minutes to make my selection.

I had researched DSLRs for months so it wasn't a huge deal but part of me wishes I had taken more time to try different cameras. The salesman told me that Nikons are more rugged and although I hate Ashton Kutcher I do need a rugged camera since my kids are always getting into my stuff. I decided to stick with what Beth and Joanna told me and I bought this bad boy. I love it. I absolutely love it. As you can imagine I have already taken a million pictures but have not yet had a lot of time to upload them since I am still unpacking but here are a few:


My husband was not too enthused with a second camera purchase in less than a month but I showed him the picture of M and then asked him to take a similar picture with my point and shoot. The results are obviously impossible to replicate. He thinks I should sell my point and shoot and I made a feeble attempt but to be honest I want them both. I keep the P & S in my purse at all times and I only crack out the DSLR when I am in a safe place (near home) with little to no commotion since I am still a newbie. He is pretty busy right now and has no idea what I am up to so I think I will keep both cameras. Father's day is coming up. I'll buy him a shiny new trinket to distract him : )

I look at it this way: we are on a fixed income for TWO years while he pursues his degree & I needed a last spending hurrah. Also we never had professional pictures taken of the kids so I need to make up for it. Right? Right.

You guys gave me some great advice last time I posted about my camera purchase.

I would love more! What should I know as a clueless poser DSLR owner?


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