Nurture Photography Fall Photo Challenge: Red/Foliage

The weather here has been perfect. Absolutely gorgeous sunshine, warm temperatures, and cool nights. The lovely backdrop of fallen leaves of varying colors doesn't hurt either. I'm trying not to look at the forecast past Saturday because I think I saw lots and lots of rain out of the corner of my eye. I am in total denial. I wish this weather would never end. Sigh. Winter is near. Thankfully I'll be spending it in the UK where I'm sure it will be dreary as well but it'll be a new place so that'll get me through the doldrums.


This shot is a few weeks old but it fits the theme and I wanted to share. Last time I posted it in black and white in an awful collage thing. I'm terrible at photo layouts. I really need to work on that.


Well I finally learned my lesson about sneaking into gardens for photo ops. I stepped in something that smelled like poo but didn't look like poo but had the consistency of poo. Cameron did too. It was the opposite of awesome.

Was it deer poop? I swear to God if I catch anyone in student housing with a pet I'm dragging them to the housing offices by the ear. Gross. Animals aren't allowed here for good reason. We're like rats in shoeboxes on top of each other. We don't need to worry about stepping in poop on top of everything else like getting head butted by deer.

Come on people. Was it cat poo? Who knows!


The kids and I gather cool looking leaves, pinecones, and acorns. What for? No idea. The basket part of the UppaBaby stroller that I use to haul trash to the dumpster is full of our collected treasures. It's fun. Maybe someday we'll glue all of it to a wall or something crafty.


This was an outtake for a shot I was taking for a client post. I just love it. Cameron is a *supreme* photo bomber.


It rained for a few days and I finally learned why stay at home moms detest rain. The kids were nuts! Twelve to fourteen hours cooped up indoors watching downpour after downpour. The worst.

And? I just know it's going to rain for days. How do I know? I caved and checked the forecast. Seven straight days of rain. That should be pretty sweet. Grr.

On a happier note look at pretty little raindrop. Maybe I'll take more shots like that next week.


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