Pre Mommy Memories - Triathlon Mommy Part II

It was now time to hop on my bike and ride 10+/- miles. I was incredibly happy to be out of the water. I figured I would haul ass and be done with this leg of the race with lightening speed. WRONG. Very soon into the bike ride I realized I had not only one but two flat tires. I did not have my tire changing/patching device on me or maybe I did. I do not remember. I do remember that I did not know how to change a tire let alone two so I trudged along.

I rode ten miles on two flat tires. I am sure you are intelligent enough to realize that this took me forever. There was nothing I could do to improve the situation so I decided to enjoy the scenery and have a good time. I saw a lovely golf course, a fox, and a super triathlete wipe-out. It was very entertaining but my ass hurt.

I finally reached the end of the course and was of course next to last place. Again my mother and sister are waiting for me and cheering me on. My mother remarks "I was THIS close to sending an ambulance!".

I am pretty sure that guy is laughing at me

Running after biking a few miles feels really strange. I was used to the feeling but after riding on two flat tires for an astronomical amount of time I had nothing left. Nothing at all. Again I pushed through the pain and humiliation and ran the 5K. I met a nice man that was also struggling. He waited for me to tie my shoe so I wouldn't finish last and alone. Then I began to cry. I cried because I missed my Nana. Everyone at the race had been touched by cancer and cancer sucks. I miss Nana constantly but that day I missed her more than I ever had. I wished she could have been there along with my mother making snarky comments about my athletic performance :) 

My finish time was: 2:16:15. This is an abysmal time especially considering the kind of shape I was in. However I refuse to look at the event as anything but positive: I met some amazing people, I raised a lot of money for a good cause, I learned that alcohol and triathlons are not a good idea, and I hit triathlon rock bottom.

I will compete again and I will be successful. With a score like that I have no choice. 

Side note: A 73 year old woman finished almost an entire hour before me. She is my hero.