SITS Girls Back to Blogging Event: Day One | Moms & Mondays

I like participating in blogging challenges because the prompts force me to reexamine and reevaluate my blog on a regular basis. In addition I have met some fantastic bloggers/fellow challenge participants via this mechanism (mostly through the roll calls on BlogFrog & Twitter).

Today's writing prompt is to re-upload my first blog post ever. This prompt makes me giggle because my blog is only two and a half months old. Here it is anyway.

Moms & Mondays

Mondays are difficult for almost everyone on the planet. I often wonder whether they are more difficult for mothers.

Maybe SAHMs had an extra set of helping hands during the weekend that won't be there on Monday. Perhaps WOHMs are dreading the angry baby off it's schedule Monday morning rigamarole.

Either way I hope when Jesus returns (most likely surfing on a cloud) he does it on a Sunday night.
Then I won't have to work on Monday. Thats a good reason to call into work.


This post may have amused no one but me but I still like it. Mondays are brutal for everyone but it seems that having children in the house makes Mondays even more manic than they had ever been in the past.

Regardless it is Monday again and I worked which means that Jesus DID NOT surf down to earth on a cloud.

Thanks a lot Jesus :)