So much to say. My weekend wrap-up.

Well, my husband's winter break really threw me for a loop. I feel like I am finally getting back on my feet. Organizing, adjusting, and getting caught up. Pweezy has given up naps. I could feel sorry for myself (and for a couple fourteen hour days I did) but instead I am thankful that Cmoney still naps for an hour or two. I am lucky to have a toddler that doesn't mind watching Little Bill or playing on the iPad for an hour or two while his sister sleeps on my lap.

My mother's helper is here today and I am using the time to pay bills, get caught up on email, and say hi to you guys. Hi!

I love Gwyneth Paltrow (ducks). I don't know why. There is something endearing and amusing about her patrician pretentiousness. This article is going around and it is a great read if you are interested in starting a small business.

I have lost eight pounds (woot) and am addicted to smoothies. I dislike the word because it reminds me of the Fresh Beat Band and I have to start singing and dancing. I loathed wasting bananas and strawberries that would ripen before we could eat them. Now I save them in a freezer, throw them in the blender with some soy milk, and organic whey protein. Fabulous. I am trying this Strawberry & Cucumber smoothie recipe next.

My girl Joanna of BabyGatorsDen got a blog redesign by the super talented Sarah of OneStarryNight. I will be working with Sarah soon on a personal project and am really looking forward to it.

I am beyond excited to be working with BabyGizmo as one of their Mom Editors.

Oh, and my photography obsession.

I am taking ClickinMoms Photoshop 101 as a study along and loving it. Some of my work is going to be featured at a local GimmeCoffee and although I am surprised they said yes to me : ) I am ecstatic.

My girl from Chronicles of Pookah's mom was chosen last week as one of the iheartfaces winners. This is a HUGE deal. She won third place and her picture is awesome. She got her first DSLR not to long after I did and since then we have been photography buddies on our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and on ClickinMoms. I am so proud of her.

I enjoyed "Is Pinterest good or bad for Etsy?" by former frenemy and current friend Jennifer Borget of BabyMakingMama fame.

I purchased a 35mm lens for Christmas with gift cards given to me by my lovely and thoughtful family.

I like it a ton but am not in love with it yet. It is nice having the extra room to shoot but it is a f2.0 aperture and my 50mm is f1.4. The lighting in our dorm dungeon is minimal so I need a lens that handles big apertures well.

Lastly. I am working on a Project 366 and a Project 52. You can check them out on Flickr if you're a fellow photography lover.

Nice talking to you : ) Oh, this giveaway ends tonight and is awesome. Enter!

If you have anything awesome you wrote, found, or captured. Leave it in the comments and I will hit you up this weekend.

Jelly Face

Happy Friday.