Telling Stories.

Nap times at our house have been wonky lately. I have a pretty high success rate when it comes to tandem napping. It isn't easy. There are some serious conditions that must be met to get two small children to sleep for at least an hour at the same time (goat sacrifice, black magic, etc.) but I found a system and it worked for us for a long time. Not anymore.

I am trying to adjust to Pweezy dropping his nap and so is Cmoney. I took the pictures below on a day that tandem napping was a failure. Cmoney likes to wiggle Pweezy's pillow, poke him in the face, and laugh loudly if she wakes up before he does so I rushed her upstairs before she could wake her brother.

She recently developed a serious affection for books and decided to read her bear a story. It was cute and distracted me from my lost, treasured quiet time.

I love my wild haired pumpkin. teddy bear story time