Still waiting.

veronica armstrong autumn

I can't remember the last time I didn't feel like time was flying by at breakneck speed. It's unbelievably insane. It's not that I don't want time to pass, it's that I don't want to wish my life away. I don't want to constantly stress about future uncertainties. It is completely against my nature not to obsess over life's minutiae but I am resisting the urge. Somewhat. We are headed to London in 83 days. I've begun packing up our little apartment in anticipation. Although we'll soon have professional movers at our disposal (luxurious!) packing makes me feel productive and there's no way I could sit on my couch and watch strangers pack my stuff. That'd be weird. In early January we're moving out of student housing and leaving our (very few) belongings in storage while we're abroad. We will leave our car at my in-laws in Upstate New York and they'll drive us to Boston, MA where we'll depart from Logan Airport.

It's completely insane to me. I've never been to a European country before so as you can imagine I'm psyched. I'm a Tudor era history fiend and have all these dorky sightseeing fantasies that I know my husband will never let me fulfill because he'd be bored to tears but I can dream. I'm just so Jessie Spano excited! I even have a Pinterest board full of sights I hope to see and things I want to eat - because that's what I am all about seeing/photographing and eating. I am a simple creature. We found an apartment right in the heart of London that's perfect and we're hoping that works out. London is one of the top five most expensive cities in the world so I'm pretty much terrified of the exchange rate and our proximity to Harrod's but we'll survive. Worst case scenario I'll make money breakdancing at the tube stations. It'll be fine.

We have no idea where we'll be living after Europe. We do have a fun trip to Disney world planed with the kids' great grandparents which we're looking forward to but our relocation is still unknown. My husband received an offer from the firm he interned with in Indianapolis this summer which is amazing but he has a bit of time left to accept the offer so we're not one hundred percent sure yet. We'll know for certain in a month or less. The suspense is maddening.

My husband and I don't get much time alone to talk and when we finally do it's usually pretty late. We start stressing and dreaming and next thing you know we've been up for two hours house shopping on Zillow. It's addictive and I am oh so pathetically tired these days. Anyway I'm trying not to get fixated on Indianapolis but its impossible. I have our lives there meticulously mapped out. It's perfect for us but we still don't know.

The finish line is so close but we're not quite there yet. Lots of amazing things to look forward to but for now I enjoy my days alone with my cherubs. They're getting older and I know they're numbered. Life is great even if it won't slow down for me a bit.

veronica armstrong autumn