Link love and a little pimping.

I haven't been sleeping well. You've never heard that from me before right? I think it's because my husband and I usually discuss our future at bedtime and then it gets my mind racing and dreaming and stressing and next think you know it's 7 am and two cherubs are loudly saying their good mornings and demanding breakfast. It's not an unpleasant way to wake up most days but the last few days I felt like hiding under the covers teenager style begging for ten more minutes. And by ten more minutes I mean an uninterrupted week of sleep. Sigh.

Here's a little collection of some cool stuff I saw around the new this week:

Food Stuff:

  • Can you make me some caramel apple mini pies please? Thanks so much!
  • Have you ever had Thai basil? i think all basil is beautiful but Thai basil has this intoxicating fragrance that is irresistible to me. Dying to try this pesto. How unique.
  • Just when you though mac and cheese couldn't get more delicious.

For my fellow blog & writing geeks:

Photography fiend:

Random fun:

Me somewhere else:

Oh and I extended the Versavac giveaway a week to give you all a little more time to enter. 


Have a great weekend xo