Stream of Consciousness Sunday: I Need More Time

This post is part of Stream of Consciousness Sunday hosted by Fadra of All.Things.Fadra. The rules are simple: write for only five minutes, no editing, publish, link up on Fadra's blog, and check out the other Stream of Consciousness posts. That's it! #SOCsundayI love Sundays. They are usually very relaxing. We have no serious obligations and nowhere we must absolutely be. I have a Sunday morning routine that I have grown to love. I wake up with the kids since my husband works late into Sunday morning. We head downstairs. P watches Dora while I prepare breakfast, make coffee, and feed the baby. I prepare breakfast in anticipation of my husband's eventual wakeup. That's it. Besides that I can do whatever I want.

We will read, color, sing, dance, finish frosting yesterday's cupcakes. I might head to the craft store with my friend Susan. My husband will go food shopping while the kids nap. I will probably do homework and will then run out of time. Sundays are too short. There is so much to do and enjoy but of course time flies when we least want it to.

Have a wonderful Sunday and make sure to try and stop by tomorrow. I'm going to be posting a really cool review and giveaway. You don't want to miss it.