Capture the Everyday - Does this count as a nightstand?

Melissa of Adventuroo is hosting a new meme called Capture the Everyday. This week's theme is "What's on your nightstand?". Well I may have picked a bad week to participate because I do not currently have a nightstand. Our room is fairly large but with a crib, king size bed, super large dresser, and a co-sleeper in it, adding a nightstand might have made the room seem a little cramped. I do however, like many mothers according to an informal Twitter poll I once took, use my co-sleeper as a nightstand.

Here take a look:

babyin co sleeper

baby in arm's reach co-seeper

On my "nightstand": a chubby sweetheart with bed head, a recently recalled baby monitor, size 4 overnight diapers for my son, my frog robe, a sweater, and a few socks.

This photo was staged. The co-sleeper was never used for either child. Neither child liked it much. I don't really store much in there and tend to keep it clean but it usually has a few random diapers in it and on laundry day that is where I tend to dump the clothes I need to fold. Exciting huh?

I will be getting rid of it soon since I have no use for it. I'll probably ask a few pregnant friend's if they are interested since it is really nice pretty and much brand new. Once it is out of my room I will buy the nightstand that matches the rest of my bedroom furniture. I will then feel like a proper adult.

vendome nightstand
Photo Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

My future nightstand will have adult things on it such as a glass of water, our iPhones, iPad (also known as mommy's lunch tray), and probably some candy because my husband is a candy sleep eater.

I KNOW I am not the only person out there with an unconventional nightstand. Come on over and let me know what you have on yours.

Do you use your co-sleeper for laundry too?