P's First Haircut. I did it myself & he isn't bald!

If anyone had ever asked me whether I would attempt to give my child a haircut I would have responded with shrieking laughter. Um no! I can't even cut construction paper properly. Things have changed. P has BEAUTIFUL curls but he has this one rough patch of hair. I call it the nappy patch. While the rest of his hair curls beautifully the nappy patch remains kind of rough looking. It curls but it is very obviously a different texture than the rest of his hair. My husband was always mystified by this until I came clean and showed him the uncontrollable curly patch of hair that lives in the same exact spot on my head. Busted.

My husband was opposed to taking P for his first hair cut because I think he wants to live his afro dreams vicariously through P so we decided to wait. Everything changed last week during bath time. As I was untangling the crazy patch I thought to myself if I am the one that has to upset P with relentless untangling I should make the hair decision! Out came the scissors. Tell me what you think.

toddler before haircutpile of toddler hairtoddler mad at haircuttoddler happy with haircuttoddler new haircut

I think I did a decent job. No one cried or got stabbed. My husband likes it and P looks great.

How did I do? Do you cut your children's hair? I think I might be doing it again.

Any tips or advice for me?