Housewife Fantasies

I am a fairly simple person. Honestly it does not take much to keep me happy. Healthy kids, the Simpsons, bacon and decent weather are pretty much all require.

However I do have some super secret fantasies. A conversation I had on Twitter the other day inspired me to share.

ocean view office flag
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I love the ocean. Prior to moving to Vermont I lived about a block from the ocean in Massachusetts and I miss it daily. A lot of people say "But there is Lake Champlain!". Alright the lake is nice. Our first apartment (ye old overpriced crap shack as we used to call it) in Vermont was lakefront and the view was beautiful especially with the surrounding mountains but it just isn't the same to me. I am an ocean person. Period.

My super hot super sexy housewife fantasy is to have a home office with an ocean view. I would have a different chair, would be using one of our Macs, and would not be obstructing my view with that giant flag (a little to the left please). Other than that the picture is perfect!

See I am simple and most likely this fantasy will eventually become a reality once I convince my husband how much nicer of a person I am when in close proximity to an ocean : ) I have other super hot (lame) fantasies like using the bathroom alone again someday but I will save that for another post.

How about you?

Tell me your super secret mom/dad fantasies.