Stream of Consciousness Sunday: I Was Not Leering at Maude Flanders' boobs

You might know the drill by now but if not Fadra, the owner of one of my favorite blogs, All Things Fadra hosts Stream of Consciousness Sunday. The rules are: Set a timer and write for five minutes, no editing, grab the badge, publish the post, link up, and visit the other contributers.

That's it. I love this meme. Freestyle writing is a great way to start off the week.

#SOCsundayIt has ocurred to me that I have barely anything non child related to say as of late. I am not sure whrn this happened. Probably sometime between July 2009 and now but I cannot pinpoint the exact moment I lost my identy.Maybe I never had one. I think I did though.

If I recall correctly I used to have a pretty glamourous (lies) life that included fancy dinner parties and monocles. Okay that isn't true but since I cannot remember my life before children I might as well invent a super cool past. I also used to hang around with secret agents.

it reminds me of that simpsos episode where Homer get ssuper trashed and ends up leering at Maude Flanders' boobs & embarasses Marge but then next day when she asks him if he remembers what happened he envisions himself the life of a fancy party in black and white saying " I said I must get out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini!" and then a glamorous party antendee says "I declare this to be the whimsical jig of the season!" and everyone is all wow Homer you are awesome1

homer simpson party

ANYWAY. oops caps lock. baby on keyboard!

It is like that. It is just like that. my life before kids involved me being fancy at dinner parties making terrific jokes that everyone loved. I was not leering t Maude Flanders boobs!

Um time is up anyway. I will be getting myself out of the house soon so I can find where I left myself. Soon. I swear. My husband says I am getting weird.

Happy Sunday!

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